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It didn’t take long for little Reggie to capture our hearts.

In  March, Reggie came into LWB care when he needed help with his ankle and leg. He had an accident and suffered a broken ankle, but his family was unable to afford the medical care he needed, and he never healed properly. When we had Reggie examined by a doctor, they wondered if he also might have a congenital bone deformity.

Despite the pain Reggie was in and his impoverished circumstances, Reggie was able to light up the world around him with a mega-watt smile. In early April, he was admitted to the hospital for surgery…and still never stopped smiling and looking like he was having the time of his life!

The surgery was a success, and doctors didn’t want him to walk or run on his leg while it healed.

Reggie’s mother is extremely impoverished and begs to make ends meet for her and her three children. To help, Reggie was placed in a foster home temporarily.  You can imagine that it’s quite a challenge to keep an active five-year-old like Reggie occupied but off his feet! He paid a visit to Sampson, also from our foster care program, and it looks like these two had a grand time sitting on a motorbike and pretending to ride!

Our manager recently took Reggie for a haircut, another experience he relished.

This week, Reggie is expected to have his cast removed.

We are so thankful that Reggie has had the chance for a healthier, brighter future — thanks to supporters of our medical program in Cambodia! Hopefully once his leg is fully healed, Reggie will be able to attend our Believe in Me school. We can’t get enough of his big personality and joyful, mischievous grin!

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