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Look who was wide awake and out of the ICU when LWB volunteer Sherri visited the twins today — sweet baby James!

James 3.11.16

James was extremely happy and interactive.

James smiling 3.11.16

It’s almost like he wants to reach out to everyone who helped him and his family to say, “Look at me! I’m feeling good!”

James w parents 3.11.16

Now that the burden and worry of their conjoined twins’ separation surgery is behind them, the twins’ parents are visibly relieved. They couldn’t stop smiling and touching their babies.

James w mom 3.11.16

James has been grasping his parents’ fingers. We can imagine that neither James nor his parents ever want to let go!

James w dad 3.11.16

James reserved this extra-special smile for his dad, who captured this great shot.

James smile 2 3.11.16

James and Harley’s parents expressed their feelings as “feichang ganxie” (much gratitude) and “hen gaoxing” (very happy).  They were also very happy to see the video of their twins’ separation surgery done by Barcroft TV, which you can view here.

So far, we’ve only mentioned James and not his twin, Harley.  Well, that’s because Harley spent the entire visit catching up on his sleep!

Harley sleeping 3.11.16

He, too, is doing well and has been discharged from the ICU to a room on the regular ward that he shares with his brother.

Harley 3.11.16

In the meantime, James is enjoying having his parents and grandma all to himself.  He even seems to be a little ticklish!

James laughing 3.11.16

Like the twins’ parents, we are full of relief as well as “feichang ganxie” (much gratitude) and feel “hen gaoxing” (very happy)!

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