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Relief for Maci and Her Family

Our Unity Initiative was designed to help impoverished families remain together, despite the sometimes overwhelming costs of medical care for children needing surgeries and medical care.  A new family just learned of our Unity Initiative, and we are honored to have the opportunity to be able to help them get surgery for their daughter, Maci.

This family’s income is just $500 per year, and it is not exaggerating to state that they truly do not have money to spare. We can imagine how their hearts sank when they learned that their baby daughter had a heart defect that would require surgery. Since her diagnosis, Maci has seen countless doctors and been admitted to the hospital five times, all of which have added up to very large medical bills for this impoverished family.

Maci’s family lives  in a two-room house in a remote village in Anhui province.  Her parents farm a small parcel of land, and the father works odd jobs to get by. His wife has a chronic illness that requires ongoing medication. Their elderly parents live with them and need a great deal of assistance, so the father has been unable to look for better work outside of their village. Maci has an older sister who just turned five years old and attends school.

Tetrology of Fallot is the name of Maci’s heart defect. In usual circumstances, this heart defect should be repaired at birth or shortly thereafter.  Maci is now eight months old, and it is beyond the time recommended for her repair.

Maci’s father tells us that the heavy burden of supporting his parents, wife, and daughters lies solely on his shoulders. He has humbly asked for assistance, and we have committed to helping his family through our Unity Initiative. $3,000 is the amount needed for Maci’s surgery.  Just $3,000 can save her life.

Please join with us to provide relief to this family in need!  No donation is too small to help Maci’s family get her the surgery she has needed for so long.

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