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Remembering Noah

Last summer Henry, a student in LWB’s Hunan Secondary and Higher Education Program, had a burden on his heart.  Henry decided to contact LWB’s program manager and told him of his friend, Noah, a smart and determined 15-year-old boy who lived with his grandparents. 

Noah’s grandparents loved him and wanted him to fulfill his dream of attending school, but they were extremely poor and could not afford it. Henry even offered to give his friend his LWB sponsorship money to help, but it was arranged for Noah to become an LWB student as well. Noah proudly began his new school in August 2012.

When the school year began, the program manager met with both Noah and Henry to give them their first stipend from LWB to meet their living expenses. Noah was over the moon with joy saying that it felt like a dream. In Noah’s first letter to his sponsors, he stated:

I can feel the deep sense of love coming towards me from across the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side of the shore. I can continue to study with this love. I can pursue my dream. With the opportunity of writing of this letter, I bow deeply expressing my gratitude.

When winter semester began and LWB’s manager met again with Noah, his grandmother expressed the wish to give a gift to Noah’s sponsors in appreciation. She was assured that Noah’s success was their gift. In a recent letter Noah wrote to his sponsors about his experience at a school ceremony this spring:

I recall the afternoon when all the students assembled at the sports stadium. The teachers were holding scholarship money and prizes on the stage and smiling at all of us. My heart was itching because I did not know whether I would be one of the prize recipients. Just when I felt very disappointed that my name had not been called, the microphone announced my name! I was shocked. I got a prize! My hard work in my studies had harvested. I walked in big strides towards the stage and used both hands to receive my prize. When I returned to my seat, I could not settle down.

What a joyous day this was for Noah to be recognized in front of his peers!

Tragically Noah lost his life in a traffic accident earlier this month. We find comfort in that Noah was able to achieve many of his dreams. He was able to go to school, study, and make his grandparents proud. He did his best and was rewarded by his teachers for his hard work. After his death the hospital asked if Noah’s corneas could be donated. Organ donation in China is extremely rare; however Noah’s grandmother knew that his goal in life was to help others and agreed to the donation. She said, “He got help from so many others while he was in this life,” and that she knew he would want to help this way.

We are so proud of Noah’s accomplishments and are warmed by the knowledge that the organ recipient, his friends and family, and all of us as a part of his extended LWB family have benefited from his generous nature and desire to help others.

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