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Remote Learning in Cambodia

When Cambodia made the decision to temporarily shutter its schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government suggested that all learning go online. There was one major problem for the regions where LWB works, however. The majority of children in these rural villages don’t even have access to electricity, no less the internet.

Our passionate teachers were committed to making sure the children’s lessons continued. Now, each day they travel by bicycle, and motorbike, often on mud-soaked dirt roads, to deliver paper learning packets and in-person instruction to even the most remote households.

The students are very spread out, and it’s a full-time job for the teachers to visit a few students each day. Despite this enormous challenge, they are determined that hard-working students won’t fall behind. So far, they have been able to visit ALL of their students each week!

These students are so happy to see their teachers and are enthusiastic about keeping up with their school work during this time.

Teachers visiting their students at home are in a great position to determine if any families need food and have even delivered emergency food rations to children who are hungry.

Our preschool students aren’t forgotten during this time. Teachers have been bringing small educational work and paper for the children from our Early Childhood Development Center to use for drawing. (Check out the makeshift desk Douglas is using to do his work!)

We’re grateful that our teachers have exhibited such dedication and perseverance in reaching out to their students. We know that the students appreciate being remembered and are doing their best to stay busy and on task during this unprecedented time of remote learning.

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