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Remote Learning in Uganda: Grace

Many in our LWB community will remember Grace, the brave teen from a remote lake region of Uganda who twice battled abdominal tumors. When we first got to know Grace, her medical condition has caused her to drop out of school for several years. She told us that more than anything she dreamed of getting an education. Following her surgeries, LWB supporters made it possible for Grace to pursue that dream. She was able to enroll in the top primary boarding school in the region, where through lots of hard work, she quickly rose to the top of her class.

Then, of course, COVID hit, and all Ugandan schools closed down in March. For those students living in cities, fortunate enough to have access to TV or the internet, the government began broadcasting daily lessons so that children could keep learning. But what about all the children who live in extremely rural regions, where over 98% of families do not have electricity?

Grace, her brother Hudson, and little sister Rosemary live in such a village, with no radio or television. She and her siblings, now isolated at home, worried greatly that they would fall far behind in their studies because of the pandemic. These wonderful children had worked so hard to catch up in school that we knew we couldn’t let that happen.

Innovation to the rescue! A member of our Uganda team visited Grace and her family and came bearing an incredible gift:  a solar panel, small TV, and a satellite to access government curriculum.

Grace, Rosemary, and Hudson are very dedicated students, and they’re so thankful to be connected to the outside world and school.

Whether in school or learning remotely from home, our supporters are giving impoverished children the best chance possible of not falling behind. Education is truly going to be life-changing for these siblings. They have paper and pencils ready, and now they can continue dreaming big!

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  • LWB says:

    We’re so thankful for your support, Jill!

  • LWB says:

    We’re so grateful to you for being “with Grace” throughout her journey!

  • Patt Kelsey says:

    This is just the BEST! What a blessing the LWB team member in Uganda is to those children!! Meeting needs .. whatever they are! We have been ‘with Grace’ on her journey since LWB first posted her story prior to her first surgery! Thanking God for LWB and all that you did back then and have continued to do for Grace and her siblings over the years! And it’s clear that Grace, Hudson, and Rosemary treasure their education.

  • Jill says:

    THANK YOU for doing that! LWB makes hard things look easy. I know it is not easy. I appreciate everything you do.