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Rex’s Request

My name is Rex and I live in Anhui Province. Both my Chinese name and the English name that LWB gave me have great meaning. They both mean “King”, having power such as a marshal and having a brilliant future.

So even at two and a half years old, I know I have a big name to live up to and am looking forward to the bright future that is in store for me! I currently have one request…a family of my own.

A family who will….
-let me play with my friends – because I LOVE to play with my friends
-let me climb on them because sometimes this is how I show my emotion
-protect me from the sun which can hurt my eyes and skin. I have an inherited condition called Albinism, which means I do not make the usual amounts of a pigment called melanin. This affects my eyes, hair and skin color.
-be open minded like me (at least my foster parents think I am…maybe it’s the hair?)

-not mind if I am active because I like to move around
-help me with my fine motor skills (drawing and coloring)
-be able to take me to the optometrist or ophthalmologist in case the lack of eye pigment I have is affecting my vision
-help me to always fit in and feel a part of the community, because my condition is often misunderstood and people like me might experience some social stigmatization.
-run and play with me…I can be restless
-love and take care of a strong boy, who is active and playful, yet timid when meeting new people.

Folks say I am handsome, but I don’t see it. Do you?

Did you know these facts about albinism?
-One person in 17,000 in the U.S.A. has some type of albinism.
-Albinism affects people from all races.
-Most children with albinism are born to parents who have normal hair and eye color for their ethnic backgrounds.
-A common myth is that people with albinism have red eyes. In fact there are different types of albinism and the amount of pigment in the eyes varies. Some have hazel or brown eyes.

If you go to this website (http://www.albinism.org/index.html), you can learn more about my condition; however, it is always best to talk with a doctor to get your questions answered. If you want to learn more about the possibility of adopting me, please contact a China Waiting Child Program for details and to check if my file is available. If you need help or have questions you think Love Without Boundaries can answer, email adoptionassistance@lwbmail.com who will be more than happy to help!

Meg Montgomery is the Adoption Assistance Advocate for Love Without Boundaries. She is a social worker, living and working in Boston, MA.

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  • reeve low chung yaw says:

    i would like to adopt an albino chinese baby boy in one year on becous my wife and me look fail to have child until nowaday….i like albino , would to raise him up …

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