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Richard: A Foster Care Success Story

During a visit to some of our foster care programs last October, our foster care program director and associate director met a sweet boy at an orphanage just three days after he was abandoned. He was nearly nine years old and appeared to be carrying the weight of his crushed world on his tiny shoulders. It was difficult to imagine the pain and loss he was feeling. He had a wooden walking stick to help with an obvious weakness he had in his right leg. When questioned by the orphanage staff, the boy would answer each question in a soft, broken voice. A decision was made to move him into foster care as soon as possible in an attempt to start healing his broken heart and spirit.

We decided to name him Richard in honor of our China foster care director. Richard has been with his foster family for nearly three months now. Although his progress was almost nonexistent the first two months, we happily saw a glimpse of hope during his third month with his foster family.

Richard says that his foster grandpa is a wonderful cook who prepares him delicious meals. His foster grandpa also takes him for walks to exercise his weak leg and to help improve his walking. We purchased a new walking cane for Richard after checking with him to make sure he did not have a sentimental attachment to the wooden stick he had been using. Richard loves his new walking cane and also the long walks he takes with his foster grandpa and foster brother.

Although Richard still has a very heavy heart, are starting to see a change in him and a smile on his face. Richard has a long road ahead of him as he struggles to make sense of the events that have changed his life forever, but, with the love and support of a wonderful and caring foster family, we know he is on his way and will one day learn to love and trust in love again.

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