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Ricki: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Little Ricki came to our attention in June 2011. She had been born prematurely and needed extra care and as a result, was moved to our Anhui Healing Home. Initially Ricki was described as very quiet, and our healing home staff reported that she had difficulty keeping her food down and was quite weak.

After a few months of careful feeding, Ricki had gained much needed strength and weight and was now described as an energetic little girl who loved to smile. By early September, Ricki was a lively, chubby little girl, and plans were made to place her in foster care.

Ricki with foster mother

Ricki was transferred to our Zhang Village foster care program, where she has settled in well with her new family. She can now sit up for short periods of time and loves to play with her fingers.

We love this January shot of Ricki with her lucky red money envelope for Chinese New Year!

Ricki at Chinese New Year

Ricki now needs an additional sponsor at $35 per month to help cover her monthly foster care expenses. Sponsors will receive monthly reports and photos of Ricki, letting them watch her continue to grow and thrive.

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