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Roberta, Young Trailblazer

For most of her four years of life, Roberta has been living in the orphanage in Xiaoxian.  Just a few months ago, her orphanage felt that she was ready to experience life in a family, and we were so pleased to be able to offer her that opportunity. Roberta is the very first child with Down Syndrome to be placed with a foster family in her village!

Xiaoxian Roberta

This young trailblazer is a beautiful and active four-year-old who knows her own mind. Her foster mom says that she never has to wonder what Roberta wants!

Roberta’s foster mom has been fostering children in Xiaoxian for many years. She treats the children as if they were her own. They spend a lot of time out in the community and even go on vacations together. We are so happy that Roberta will experience this love.

Roberta (1)Roberta and her foster mom

Who couldn’t love Roberta?  Her foster mom tells us that she loves learning to dance with others in the town square.

Like many other four-year-olds, Roberta wants to be part of life in her family and help around the house. For example, she helps take care of her younger foster brother and stops him from going outside. She can also help her foster mom carry something if it’s not too heavy.

Roberta enjoying a little cookie

One day, Roberta’s foster mom took her and her foster brother to the market. Roberta pointed a lovely bear, and her foster mom bought it for her. Roberta immediately kissed her foster mom in appreciation. What a sweet girl!

In her new family, Roberta is learning to love and cherish pets.

We are so excited that Roberta is the first child with Down Syndrome to be placed in foster care in Xiaoxian.  Hopefully her success will help more children with Down Syndrome enter foster care as well. Seeing children with special needs become accepted and loved in their local communities warms our hearts!

Roberta needs sponsors to continue her foster care.  Sponsors will receive a monthly report about this sweet girl with photos and stories.

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