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Robin Waits For A Family And A Chance To Attend School

The smile on this girl’s face is enough to light up any room!

Meet Robin, the adorable seven-year-old girl who lives with her foster family in Guizhou province, China.

Described as quiet, lovely, and sweet, Robin always enjoys our foster care manager’s monthly visits.

She gladly shares treats (and her foster mom’s attention) with her foster brother Clyde.

Robin also shares a type of genetic disorder known as Apert’s Syndrome with Clyde. This syndrome is caused by the premature closing of the skull bones and fusing of the fingers and toes.  It is such a rare condition that we actually helped with DNA testing of Robin and Clyde, wondering if they might be related. Testing showed they are not biological siblings. Listed separately for adoption, both Robin and Clyde wait for forever families.

Although Robin’s hands and feet may look a little different, this doesn’t stop her from using them like everyone else! She is quite the helper at home. She is more than happy to help out with household chores including sweeping and clearing the table after meals. She also is a huge help to her foster mother because she keeps a close eye on Clyde, who can sometimes be mischievous. She doesn’t let him get away with misbehaving!


Unfortunately, no school will accept Robin due to her special need. Thankfully, her foster care family is working on some school lessons with her at home so that she will have an opportunity to learn and not fall too far behind.

Besides being helpful at home and good with sharing, Robin is said to be such a good listener. When our foster care manager visits each month, she compliments Robin on how well she listens and behaves. We only hope that Robin will have the opportunity to attend school herself one day so that she can learn and show off her listening skills to her very own teacher! Attending school is something that she will most likely be unable to do in China.

How we hope that she will have the opportunity for formal education one day!

Robin has been waiting for her forever family for a long time. With her sweet personality and endearing smile, this little girl could make the perfect addition to a family. Please learn more about lovable Robin today!

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact [email protected] with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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  • banderson says:

    What would the upper age limit be for parents hoping to adopt Robin?

  • chinalwb says:

    Thank you for sharing this Facebook group! What a great resource for anyone considering adopting a child with this special need.

  • Kelly says:

    If you have questions about adopting a child with Apert Syndrome, we invite you to join our Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/ApertSyndromeAdoption) which is specifically for adoptive families of children with Apert and those seeking to adopt a child with this genetic condition.