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Robin’s Generous Spirit

Four-year-old Robin may have Apert Syndrome, but she does not let it define her or hold her back in any way. A shy, gentle girl, Robin came into our foster care program eighteen months ago and has enjoyed the love and attention of two wonderful foster care families: one in Qiandongnan and one in Guiyang, where she currently lives.


A clever girl, Robin has been meeting her developmental milestones. Her loving families have nurtured her natural curiosity, love of play and make-believe, music, drawing and, most recently, storytelling. Robin loves to listen to music and can lose all sense of time when she sits down and begins to draw and color.

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Robin has always enjoyed playing outdoors, and these days she can be found skipping rope, propelling herself around on a roller coaster car, or enjoying the thrills and spills of trampolining.

From the very earliest of reports, Robin has always been described as loving, generous and caring of others. This has been particularly evident with her foster siblings and family. Clyde, who also has Apert Syndrome and lives in the same family as Robin, is the lucky recipient of her generous spirit these days. It is clear from the reports and photos that Robin enjoys sharing her toys and playing with him.


Robin is very special little girl who is keen to do everything that happy active little four year old girls do. Her beautiful spirit shines and touches those around her. Thank you to our wonderful foster care supporters, who, like Robin, are so generous in spirit.

Robin’s adoption paperwork is filed, and she is ready to be matched with a family! Please contact us if you might like more information on Robin.

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  • suzannef says:

    We adopted a six year old girl with Apert Syndrome last September and she is the joy of our lives… so bright and loving, another generous spirit like Robin. I am amazed by all that modern medicine and technology can do to help her and would be happy to answer any concerns/questions from Robin’s future family. Robin looks like she will bring so many blessings to her forever family!