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Ronan, the Little Artist, Still Waits

We’ve told you a lot about six-year old Ronan, one of the boys in our Huainan Believe in Me School.  We spoke of his love of art in “Ronan, the Little Artist from Anhui” and his hard work and positive attitude (see “Kick Off the Week Right with Ronan“).

But there is so much more to say!

Ronan has a serious artistic side that we love to watch blossom.  He recently learned to cut and create things out of paper.  He knows scissors are dangerous, so he works very carefully and follows his teacher’s instructions closely.  Ronan has a visual impairment, but he never seems to let it get in the way of fully participating in the preschool class.  This little ray of sunshine puts his heart and soul into everything he does!  Even with a task like cutting, which requires such fine motor skills, Ronan is able to compensate and is just as capable and competent as his classmates. Ronan thrives under the praise of his teachers and is growing more confident every day. 

We love this video that Amy Eldridge took during LWB’s April visit to his school where Ronan is clearly engaged as his teacher shows him little black “mice” and then encourages him to pretend he is a frog…and a mouse! (If you are reading this blog in email format, please click through to LWB Community to view the video).

In addition to being a good student, Ronan has a very kind and considerate nature.  When the children play outside, our staff has watched as Ronan patiently helps the others climb the slide.  When they thank him, he seems a little bashful.  What a sweetie.

Just back from a recent visit to Ronan’s school, our Chief Administrative Executive, Kelly Wolfe, described Ronan as “Just precious!  He has the most spectacular smile and a laugh that just fills you with joy.”  It’s easy to see why Kelly felt this way when you see this video of Kelly playing peekaboo with him:

Ronan is a playful and bright little boy.  And, like any good artist, Ronan is always looking to gain a new perspective.  Here he is observing his world in purple.

Is there room on your walls for Ronan’s beautiful artwork?   We think his sweet little heart could bring joy to any home.  We hope to see this gentle soul with his forever family soon!

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