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Rosalind: LWB’s Featured Student of the Week

Rosalind, a beautiful and smart young lady in LWB’s Fujian Secondary and Higher Education Program, has recently begun her second year of university. She is not only studying as a full-time student but is also an active member of the university’s debate team.

Featured Child

Rosalind recently told LWB:

Things change a lot when going to university. On one hand, I had to leave my parents and hometown and travel to a strange city. I had to learn to adapt myself to everything, such as a new lifestyle, new classmates, and a new study environment. There is a huge difference between high school and university. In university, we should learn to study all by ourselves rather than rely on our teachers. To be honest, it is a little hard and busy, especially being on the university debate team. I spend a lot of time preparing for matches, which means I am constantly under a lot of stress and pressure. However just as a coin has two sides, being in the college debate team is the happiest and luckiest thing to me because I have made some great friends.

Featured Child

Rosalind’s mother is ill, and her father works as a security guard at a local company to try to pay the family’s debts for her mother’s medical care. There is no money for Rosalind to go to school, as there is barely money to put food on the table. Rosalind cannot rely on any financial help from her parents.  She never asks them for anything and does not want to be a financial burden on them. Rosalind’s goal is to get a college education, receive a great job offer, and be able to help support her parents as they grow older. LWB has sponsored Rosalind through her first year of university and has committed to seeing her through her college years, but we cannot do so without sponsors to support this precious young lady.

For $20 month you can help Rosalind meet her goals and reach toward the dream of getting her family out of poverty through an education. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates on her success, along with new photos. You will also be able to write letters of encouragement to Rosalind. We know she would love to hear from you. Please help make Rosalind’s dreams a reality!

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  • faye says:

    I’d like to know how many sponsors someone like Rosalind needs to have. I know someone who is currently sponsoring her through monthly donations of $20. How many is enough to no longer “advertise” her situation for sponsorships? Thanks for the work that you do.