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One of the joys of raising children is that we cherish all the “firsts”. First smile, first tooth, first word, first steps. At the ACHH the next few days will be full of “firsts” for us. With that as in introduction, it is time for photos of the children’s first bath in the home. Please “bare with us” as we share these adorable photos. Note: All photos have been strategically cropped.

We did not have a sink or toilet installed when Sandi left for China so watching the children take a bath today is a real treat as we didn’t think that would happen for a couple of weeks. I think the nannies are enjoying this too because if you count the hands in this photo, there is more than one nanny involved here. What do they say…many hands make light work. Gosh, the baby can weigh more than 10 pounds dripping wet.

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