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Running Through China: Hooray for Heartbridge!

What a wonderful way to start our trip!  Our 18-bed Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit, in partnership with the New Hope Foundation, is truly creating miracles each and every day.  The children we send to Heartbridge are the most vulnerable medical children of all –- and yet when you walk through the doors, you are met by children who are so happy.   Well, all except maybe for Nathan who cried every time the strangers with blonde hair came near him!

Remember baby Farrell who had third degree burns as a newborn?  At Heartbridge, he has recovered beautifully and gave all of us smile after smile, which so wonderful to see after knowing about his tragic beginning.

Two babies who need lots of good wishes and thoughts right now are baby Hannah and little Marisol.   Hannah is the little girl born without a tongue so she struggles to feed.  She is just SO tiny.   Marisol is a little baby with severe heart disease who went into respiratory distress last week but somehow found the strength to hold on.  She will be leaving for Shanghai this week for her heart cath procedure, which in itself will be a risk to her.  And yet, despite her severe heart defect, Marisol is the smiliest little baby! She is so blue but she still lit up the room with her constant grins.

We all left Heartbridge realizing yet again that the work being done here is essential.   Every baby we saw has truly been given a second chance at life. Even though Heartbridge is changing the lives of children each day, it unfortunately is still not fully funded.  If you have a passion for helping medically fragile children, we would love for you to consider either a monthly sponsorship or one time donation of any amount.   I promise you won’t regret it.

On the way to Anhui!  More soon.

Amy Eldridge is the Executive Director of Love Without Boundaries.

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