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Rural Children Receive Heart Surgery – Thanks to the LWB Unity Fund

We are writing to share our excitement about LWB’s new Unity Fund and the hope it provides poor, rural families in China. Targeting impoverished families who cannot afford the necessary medical procedures needed to heal their precious children, the Unity Fund gives hope for these children to enjoy well-being, happiness, and a healthy, hopeful future. Without this assistance, it is possible that some of these children would become orphaned.

There are several Unity Fund children in hospitals right now, and I take this opportunity to share with you the stories of five of them. Four are from Shaanxi Province, where many people are farmers without income sufficient to obtain necessary medical care. The fifth is from Anhui Province.

Lovely Yue from Anhui was the FIRST Unity Fund child. She had a complex heart problem and received successful surgery in August. She is making wonderful progress, and her parents are very grateful.


Beautiful 9-year-old Jing is from Shaanxi and needs a life-saving heart valve replacement. Her family cannot afford her surgery, but, thanks to the Unity Fund, she is being scheduled for the needed procedure.


Chen is a boy of 13 from Shaanxi who needed immediate heart surgery, but his jobless parents had no financial resources. Thanks to the Unity Fund, we are happy to report that he recently had the necessary surgery and is doing very well.


Our young friend Wei is also from Shaanxi. This 4-year-old girl has had surgery for a Ventricular Septa defect and is doing fine. Her father has tuberculosis, and she is part of a large family with no other income than from field work.


And precious Jian from Shaanxi has a heart defect that requires immediate attention. The surgery is scheduled for this week! We join his family in hoping that everything will go wonderfully and that it will change his life and give him a great future.


The change in these kids’ lives was made possible because of you! THANKS for your generosity! Certainly you deserve to share in the happiness that YOU have brought to their lives and to those of their families. You have given them HEALTH, HAPPINESS and HOPE. With such important gifts, they now have a future.

Jone Gereka
Heart Surgeries Assistant Coordinator

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