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Ruth: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Baby Ruth was born this past winter in Hunan Province. Her orphanage contacted us to ask for help with her severe cleft lip and in caring for her. Thankfully we were able to place her in our foster care program, where tiny Ruth quickly started to gain weight.

Ruth has settled well into her foster home. She enjoys the hugs her foster mother gives her and likes sleeping in the cradle near her. Ruth receives quality infant formula and rice cereal to help her gain the weight she needs to meet the minimum requirement of 12 pounds for her cleft lip surgery.

It is our hope that Ruth can have her cleft lip surgery next month, but we are in need of sponsors to partner with us to provide her medical care. We know that with the needed medical care, combined with the affection and nutrition she is receiving in her foster home, Ruth will grow and flourish into a healthy little girl. Your donation in any amount will help make this possible.

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