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Ryan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Little Ryan is currently residing in our Anhui Cleft Healing Home, where he has been since July 2010.  He is recuperating from surgery to repair his cleft lip.  He is due to be moved to a loving family for foster care in his hometown of Huainan this week but still needs two more sponsors to pay for his monthly foster care expenses.

Ryan enjoys bouncing in his bouncy seat.  He has figured out how to make it bounce by waving his hands up and down.  Soon his feet will reach the floor and then he will be really bouncing!  He also babbles quite a lot to himself or in response to something said.  He likes to point and wave energetically when something said makes him happy.

As you can see here, Ryan enjoys it when someone picks him up.  He holds onto their shirt sleeve tightly for balance and snuggles with whomever is holding him.  Ryan also enjoys being tickled and giggles quite loudly.

To learn more about Ryan or to sponsor him for just $35 a month, please visit his sponsor page. Sponsors receive great monthly reports and photos of the child they sponsor so can really feel connected with their sponsored child.

Please consider helping Ryan this Christmas time!

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