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Sad News for our Website

I am so sorry to report that someone has broken into our website and planted a malicious code that over the last few days has been destroying our ability to access the site. We have been unable to update the kids who need help or change any of the items. Sadly, the web hosting company whose server our site is on cannot do anything to stop it as the viral code the hacker used was encrypted. Our only choice is to take the entire site down and rebuild it. I honestly have no idea how long this will take as the wonderful guy who first built our site had added so many great features where we could list the children who needed help and then update it daily on how much funding was still needed. We are unable to retrieve that database function.

Please know that none of the credit card information sent for donations went through this site. It all goes through the secure Authorize.net, so no one needs to worry about that if they recently donated. It has just destroyed our own personal website and our ability to add any more children who need support.

All of us at LWB are just so SAD that anyone would have done this, as it ultimately hurts our ability to help the kids, and they are the only ones who matter.

Thank you for your understanding as our website goes down, most likely later today. Don’t forget to come back when we get something back up!

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