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Sadie: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Sweet Sadie from Fuyang, Anhui Province is LWB’s Featured Child of the Week. This cutie was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect (VSD–a hole in her heart) and pulmonary stenosis (PS—a narrowing of the arteries that go from her heart into her lungs) after having an echocardiogram in November. She had two follow-up tests done which showed that the VSD was not closing on its own, and the doctors don’t believe it will. They suggested that she have surgery as soon as possible since she is prone to catching colds and pneumonia and the cold, winter weather is fast approaching.

Sadie loves to “run” in her walker and go outside with her foster mom, shown in the photo above. She still needs sponsors before she can have her heart surgery, which will cost $3,780.00. Although we have raised some surgery funds, we still have $3,230.00 to go. Please consider becoming a sponsor by visiting Sadie’s sponsor page and help her to be better prepared to face the upcoming winter!

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