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Safe Haven Foster Care in Cambodia

LWB has provided family care to thousands of orphaned children since we first launched our foster care program in China over a decade ago. When we decided to begin working with orphaned and vulnerable children in Cambodia, we knew that foster care would once again be an essential part of our work. What we didn’t know at the time was that we would be called upon to help some of the most vulnerable children in that country:  those who have been victims of child trafficking and severe abuse.

As this week’s blog series by LWB Board member Bob Spires explained, Cambodia remains a prime source country for the trafficking of children. Many are taken across the border and live through things no child should ever experience. Those who are fortunate enough to be rescued are taken by police to the Cambodian border, where many then face a very uncertain future.

Love Without Boundaries is now working along the border region of Cambodia to help these wounded children have a safe place to heal. Our new Safe Haven foster care program places children traumatized from trafficking and abuse into sheltered home environments where we can begin to address both their physical and emotional needs.

Our CEO, Amy Eldridge, has made a video about the launch of this important new project:

We ask you today to please join with us to help a vulnerable child find HOPE by making a one-time donation to our Safe Haven foster care program or by signing up as a monthly sponsor for a specific child. Safe Haven Foster Care sponsors will receive regular updates and photos, but it’s important to note that, for the safety of the children in this program, the faces of the children will not be shown.

We know these are very difficult issues to even contemplate, but we now have a way to directly impact children who have lived through the unthinkable. Thank you for partnering with us to make a tremendous difference in these deserving children’s lives.

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