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Sammy Charms Our Socks Off!

Please meet our sparkling, smart, delightful Sammy! Sammy is a very bright little nine-year-old boy at our Believe in Me Jinjiang School, who is also on the shared list. Many of us who know and love Sammy are thrilled to think that there is a family somewhere who will be blessed to have him as a member. This dear boy is as clever as can be and has such a bright future ahead of him. He is speaking, singing, dancing, running, beginning to memorize and read, and is working hard to learn and grow in school. His kind heart and very funny sense of humor endear him to everyone.

There is not a person who has met Sammy who doesn’t walk away forever changed about the way they think of someone with Down Syndrome. He is one of those children for whom the word “charm” was coined…and we mean charm in the best sense of that word. He is engaging, delightful, sweet, thoughtful, and filled with a goodness that draws people to him. Add to that a very capable and able mind, and there you have our Sammy!

In class at school, Sammy is attentive and diligent in his work. One of the most social little guys in school, he is sure to participate in all of the activities, especially if it involves playing with his friends. He loves to play and is making much progress in learning through the play-based teaching that his teacher uses. He can label colors, shapes, and counts up to 10. This amazing, high-functioning boy soaks up every minute of learning when he is in school. The staff is amazed with how smart he is, and we are sure that he is teaching them as much as they are teaching him. There are no limits to this silly boy’s potential.

Sammy charms our socks off. We can’t wait to hear about how he will charm some lucky family waiting just for him!

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