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Samuel’s Smile

Everyone smiles in the same language. — Author Unknown

You don’t have to know Chinese to find out how little Samuel is feeling.  He is one happy little fellow, and it’s right there on his face for anyone to see!

In our latest update from Heartbridge, we learned a little more about Samuel’s progress.  He has recently learned to stand without support and is quite tickled with himself. He will carefully (and proudly) stand up from a sitting position and take a few steps, then do a little dance and clap his hands. The nannies have been highly amused to learn that if they sing, Samuel will swivel his hips like Elvis. Our Beijing regional manager Cindy tells us that at her last visit, “All the words about Samuel were compliments. He is such a blessing!”

We all look forward to the day when Samuel will have a family of his own to bless with his smiles and dances!

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