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Sarah: Once Shy, Now Sunny. Still Waiting…

When Sara first became a student at our Shantou Believe in Me School in 2007, the teachers described her as shy and quiet. She never smiled for pictures, and the teachers were very excited when they finally “caught” her participating in dance class. A few months later she smiled for a photograph displaying her artwork.

The teachers now describe nine-year old Sara as a good helper and always willing to share and eager to learn. She now LOVES to pose for pictures (as you can see!)

Despite her difficulties with verbal language issues, Sarah completes all of her school work, can recognize and also write basic Chinese characters, and interacts well with the teachers and other students. In fact, she has improved so much in her person-to-person communication that she was even able to help this wiggly little toddler get his shoes on when everyone else thought that to be a nearly impossible task.

I think we can all agree she has an absolutely beautiful smile and very expressive eyes. I have always felt I could “read” her eyes, and in this photograph I think she may be saying “Please tell my family to come and bring me home.”

Please help us help Sarah get word to her family that she is waiting for them! She is on the shared list with a need of verbal language issues. If you’d like more information about her or the shared list, please contact us at info@lwbmail.com.

Karen McGinty is the BIM Shantou Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries. She lives in Edmond, OK, with her husband, Keith, and four children: Mason, age 12; Molly, age 10, adopted from Hubei Province; Mia, age 6, adopted from Chongqing; and Matthew, age 5.

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