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Saying “Yes” to Baby Daniel

At 3:00 a.m. on Friday morning, an orphanage in Anhui province received a tiny bundle. When they took a closer look at his belly button, they realized that the baby in their care had likely been born less than 24 hours ago.

Daniel 9.18.15

They also noticed that he had an abdominal issue that was beyond what they could handle, so they called us to see if we could help.

Daniel 9.19.15

Some children, like Daniel, need help immediately and cannot wait until we have had the chance to raise funds on our website for their care. We have an Emergency Medical Fund in place which allows us to say an immediate “yes” in situations like this. Fortunately, we had funds in place last week and were able to say “yes” to helping little Daniel. He was taken right away to the provincial children’s hospital and had surgery for a life-threatening enlargement of the colon.

Baby Daniel’s surgery was successful, and he is recovering now in the PICU! When he is discharged, we hope to welcome him to one of our healing homes where our nannies will lavish lots of love, care, and attention on this precious boy.

Daniel 9.20.15

Our Emergency Medical Fund is now precariously low, and we hope to receive additional donations soon which will allow us to say “yes” whenever the next orphanage calls and asks for our help. We appreciate donations to this fund, no matter how small, to help children as new and fragile Daniel.

Thank you for making our life-saving work possible!

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