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Scenes From School: Believe In Me Kabale

The second term of school at Believe In Me Kabale has ended, and children are now on a one-month vacation. We thought this would be the perfect time to present some scenes from school and highlights from the last term. We are very proud of these kids and their progress!

The youngest students are enrolled in the “Baby” class of the Believe In Me school. They are learning the important basics of naming their school, their teachers, their parents and themselves. In preparation for next year, they are learning numbers (mostly counting on fingers up to 5 or 10) and the letters of the alphabet. The teachers continue to emphasize good hygiene practices such as keeping clean and tidy, and the importance of drinking only water that has been boiled, as Helen is happy to demonstrate below.

These youngest students are learning traditional song and dance, along with songs that help them to remember the days of the week and other important basics. The children stay active on the playground, running races, playing soccer, and playing on the swing-set and merry-go-round.

Having been through their introduction to the alphabet, the “Middle” class continues to work on reading and reciting their ABCs. Here you can see and hear an enthusiastic recitation.

The middle class continues to work on counting to 10, still using their fingers, but also recognizing numerals on a chart and counting objects such as stones or books in the room. The children are building upon the lessons learned in the baby class, going into greater detail and adding new information. Here you can see Mary and Esme reading their alphabet book together.

Mary is a natural leader and loves the opportunity to teach a short lesson to the rest of the class. Here she is going through the alphabet posters drawn by headmaster Edison.

In addition to being the head teacher and resident poster-maker, Edison has been appointed to the role of soccer coach. Official boys’ and girls’ teams have recently been established, with the benefits of fitness, strategic thinking, cooperation, and good old-fashioned fun. About 10 children who previously had not participated in team sports were seen getting right in there and playing with the rest. It looks like they had a good time!

Our “Top” class has moved on to simple addition and subtraction, and the children love to illustrate math problems through art. Here you can see Nicholas and Gabby showing the addition of soccer balls.

In English class, teacher Bruno has been explaining about prepositions such as on, in, under, near, and behind to these kindergarten students.

An enthusiastic student in our Primary class, Grace was pleased to show off her freshly-completed assignment. She is always one of the first students to raise her hand when a question is asked.

Daniel also loves his school work…almost as much as soccer. After observing a lesson in which the children were asked, “Is this a stone?” Daniel’s written answer of “No, it is a flower” was rewarded by Director Innocent. He suggested that the children find a flower to match the one on the blackboard, and the children dashed out the door to find a perfect bloom. Daniel enjoyed showing that his flower was even prettier than the one on the chalk board.

Music continues to be an important part of each day, and the children love to practice new songs. Singing the National Anthem each morning at assembly is a high point in the day, and some eager students have stepped forward to help lead songs and prayers.

International Friendship Day has been celebrated on the first Sunday of August since 1958, and we love seeing the kids with their arms draped around their best friends.

A portion of each school sponsorship goes toward the purchase of nutritious food, and we are seeing some fantastic results from the Hot Lunch program. Many of our “baby” and “middle” students have grown quite a lot taller and have gained a whopping FOUR-pounds on average from when we began taking measurements!

Some children like Brooklyn (seen above) were so weak at the beginning of the school year that they would fall asleep during class. At home, Brooklyn would often fall asleep before the evening meal, missing out on even more of the calories she needed. The teachers made sure Brooklyn ate her full meal at school, and also contacted her parents about serving her an early dinner, or waking her up to eat before bed. She is now doing so much better!

Dustin now has a smart uniform to wear, shoes on his feet, a cup of porridge and fruit for breakfast, a hot and nutritious lunch, teachers who care, school supplies, exercise for his mind and body, and the potential for a good job that can break the cycle of poverty in his family. We’re thankful for sponsors who are in his corner, supporting him through education sponsorship, positive thoughts, and prayers for his future.

To Dustin and the other children, our sponsors are true life-changers! Would you take a tangible step to change a child’s life for the better? Education sponsorships are $25 per month. We think you will be so excited to watch these children grow and learn. Their genuine joy and smiles will truly touch your heart!

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