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School Begins!

What an exciting month it has been for our newest school, Believe In Me IV. Two teachers were hired and they were able to go to Beijing for Montessori training. They were very eager to come back to school and apply what they had learned in Beijing. They spent about a week preparing the classroom for the students, and last week they welcomed twenty-three nervous but excited children to the room. The students range in age from one to nineteen.

The first week, the children spent time familiarizing themselves with the school routine. They also learned some new songs and made some crafts. This fall, the teachers will work with the students to learn their names, talk about weather, and learn about some Chinese traditions. In November the teachers will travel to another Believe In Me school to observe how things operate there. They are both so willing to learn and try new things, and their enthusiasm is rubbing off on their students!

Love Without Boundaries is SO grateful to Hope’s Heart Orphan Foundation for providing the needed funds to open the doors to this newest school. You can visit Hope’s Heart at http://www.hopesheart.org/

Heather Hough

Believe In Me IV School Coordinator

Love Without Boundaries

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