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School Nutrition: LWB’s Featured Project of the Week

When LWB began its Believe In Me schools in orphanages across China for children ages 2 through 12, many of the students didn’t have the energy to concentrate in the classroom. Our teachers reported that the children were frequently sick and that it took a long time for them to recover. LWB’s Nutrition and Special Projects team, with the support of some dedicated donors, created the School Nutrition program. Today, as a regular part of their school day, students receive a healthy snack of fruits or vegetables and protein.


Shortly after beginning the snack program, the classrooms came to life! Children no longer snoozed at their desks unable to participate in lessons; the children were more alert and excited to learn. The children looked forward to school and became better students. In addition to learning academics like math and reading skills, the students learned school was a safe, fun place.

School Nutrition-2

We at LWB learned that introducing a snack into the classroom was so much more that a little pick-me-up between meals; it became an important part of the curriculum. Children now learn about different kinds of fruits and vegetables, what colors they are, how they grow, and what they taste like. Creative teachers have taught units like “The Fruit Festival” as well as “Make Your Own Vegetable Sandwich,” using lettuce for bread and tomatoes for filling. Protein-rich snacks like pork jerky (an excellent source of iron as well as protein), yogurt drinks, sesame paste, nuts, and hard boiled eggs have helped to improve overall health in our Believe in Me students as seen in their healthier, more active little bodies. Having a daily snack has extended to learning good manners when eating and proper hand-washing before eating. And learning about food has been extended through field trips to local farms and restaurants.

School Nutrition-3

Currently LWB has School Nutrition programs in Huainan, Jinjiang, Lanzhou, Liupanshui, and Shaoguan.

We are grateful to our School Nutrition donors who make this all possible. Your one-time donation in any amount or your monthly support in a suggested amount of $20 will help us continue this important project. Supporters will receive quarterly updates on the children helped.

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