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School Snacks: More Than Just a Treat

The dictionary says that a snack is a small portion of food eaten between meals.  Here in the U.S., we often think of a snack as a pleasant treat – cookies or chips – something we enjoy but don’t really need.

BIM School Nutrition

The “snacks” served to the children attending our Believe in Me orphanage schools in China are probably misnamed. While it is true that these “snacks” are not full meals, they serve as a vehicle to deliver important vitamins and nutrients that the children do not get in their daily diet.

BIM Nutrition2

The Believe in Me students eagerly anticipate their healthy “snacks” — most likely unaware that what they are eating is not only tasty but good for their growth and development too!

BIM Nutrition

For $20 per month, or less than 66 cents per day, you can help provide these wholesome “snacks” to students in need through our School Nutrition Fund! Please consider investing in their future good health.

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