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Seamus’ Smile

“Although he cannot see, he uses his heart to see the world.”

These beautiful words were written by the monitor at LWB’s Loudi foster care home where two and a half-year-old Seamus lives.  Seamus was born prematurely and without eyeballs.  It was later discovered that he has a significant hearing loss in one of his ears.  Despite these challenges, Seamus just exudes pure joy.  He is small in stature but delights whomever he encounters.  Our monitor describes him as a lovely, joyful, and obedient little boy. Seamus’ file is currently available on the shared list, and we look forward to some very special family finding this very special boy and calling him their own.  Now THAT is worth smiling about!

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  • leanne says:

    Let you know, deaf and blind people are successful smart people too! I know of a deaf/blind guy, he is so smart, keeps up with sign language by feeling with his hands. It is possible to teach these children!!

  • heatherbt says:

    If someone has questions about raising a blind child I would be happy to help. Acer has been home for 4 years and Calliandra 2.