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Healing Sebastian’s Heart

When our team was identifying children for our November 2018 Cleft Medical Exchange, we learned about a little boy named Sebastian. Sebastian is seven years old and lives with his grandparents and sister in a remote part of Gansu province. His parents are migrant workers far from home.

Not only does Sebastian have an unrepaired cleft lip, but he also has an unrepaired heart defect. Doctors told his family that they would be unable to repair his cleft lip without first repairing his heart. This news was very difficult for his family as they have almost no savings and knew that they alone could not pay for both his a cardiac surgery and a cleft repair surgery.

Sebastian has almost no speech and does not attend school. He is very close to his sister who is just one year younger than him, and she says that she and her big brother are best friends.

In order to determine if he can still have surgery to repair his heart, Sebastian and his family traveled to the Children’s Hospital of Fudan for a cardiac catheter exam. We received the wonderful news that Sebastian’s heart condition is still operable!

This week, Sebastian and his family traveled a grueling 30 hours by train and arrived at the hospital in Shanghai to prepare for heart surgery. Our Unity Initiative will support the costs of his heart surgery, and we are still working to raise $13,700 to cover his medical expenses.

UPDATE: Sebastian had surgery today, and his surgeon was happy with the repair.  He’s been stable but sedated to keep him asleep and relaxed.

Will you consider giving a donation in any amount to help us cover the costs of Sebastian’s surgery? Once he has recovered and it is safe, we hope to help him get his cleft lip repaired!

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