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Second Medical Trip Of 2008

Love Without Boundaries’ second medical trip of 2008  is just a few days away, and the team is working hard to make sure as many kids as possible are able to have surgery. This trip started out with the intention of primarily helping children with hemangiomas, but, fortunately, there just are not enough children with this special need to fill up four days of surgery. Not a problem!  Dr. Buckmiller is a very versatile surgeon, and we never have a shortage of children who need our help.

We have added several children to the surgery schedule who need their cleft lips and/or palates repaired. Many of these cute kids are up on our website now in need of someone to believe in them and help with their surgery expense.

I would like you to meet two girls: Hope and Flora.

These sweet girls are eight and nine years old and attend school full-time. Having their palates repaired will greatly help them in their ability to speak and make themselves understood. It will also improve their ability to hear and to eat.

I would also like for you to meet Shu. He is a happy boy I was fortunate enough to meet last year on my visit to Shanghai. My fondest memory of him is that you could very easily get him into a full blown belly laugh. At that time Dr. Buckmiller was able to evaluate his needs, and we began plans for him to have surgery on her next trip to China. Shu is on a waiting child list and having surgery will greatly improve his chances of being chosen.

Last but not least is precious little Qing. She needs Dr. Buckmiller’s skillful touch to remove some of the tumor from her face so that hopefully her vision will not be lost in her affected eye. I know many of you enjoyed the blogs from the cleft trip last month, and we expect this trip to be equally successful. Follow the team on their journey to Hefei from November 2nd through 6th at http://lwbstories.com/.

Wendy Petersen, R.N.

Medical Trips Coordinator

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