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Seeing Life From Their Own Perspective: Believe in Me Changzhi

Recently our Changzhi Believe in Me students did a unit of study centered on the delightful children’s book, Diary of a Worm.

The book features a series of diary entries of a young worm, accompanied by “photos” of life from his ground- level perspective. Our innovative Changzhi Believe in Me teachers recently used this creative concept of a unique point of view to engage the students in taking photos and documenting life from their own perspectives. Some of our students are too young to write their own diary entries, but they can certainly share how they see the world through the lens of a camera.

Here Pepe sets up his shot…


And he captures Mikel, showing off a leaf he found.

Noe is pleased with his shot!

Pedro and Hugo discuss how to better compose their pictures.

Eyoel finds a new photo subject:  some local goats!

Hey, everyone…look at the camera!


Guillermo, Guillem and Isaac all pose for the camera.

These boys are ready for their modeling debut!

This opportunity to take photographs independently helps the students develop fine motor skills, improve their attention spans and heightens their visual-spacial skills. At the same time they are exploring and interacting with the world around them while experimenting with new ideas in community with their peers, all activities which allow creativity to blossom. And best of all, it’s lots of fun to have the chance to be outside together, taking pictures of one another!

As LWB’s motto is “Every Child Counts”, we are so thrilled that our Believe in Me teachers are committed to school activities that demonstrate to children the value of their unique perspective on the world.

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