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Seeking a Family for Shane


Five year old Shane came into foster care from his orphanage already having an idea what it would be like. He had heard all about having a foster family in school from his two best friends from school, Bobby and Daniel, and it seemed like he couldn’t wait to have a foster family of his own!

ShaneSWIShane in the orphanage before entering foster care

Shane, Bobby, and Daniel are like the three musketeers of our Sanmenxia foster care program in Henan. Their foster mothers also happen to be best friends, so they spend almost every day after school playing and visiting at each other’s houses. The boys reportedly get along very well and enjoy playing outside on the playground together.


Described as “a helpful boy”, Shane loves to help his foster mother cook. His specialty is peeling garlic! His foster mother has enjoyed teaching him proper etiquette — such as no standing on chairs! She is so proud of Shane for the progress in his manners he has made.

As you can imagine, when Shane first came to live with his foster family he was a little shy and scared and cried a lot. Today, Shane is known to smile at people he knows but is described as shy and quiet.


We have seen the love and patience of his foster family, and over time Shane appears to have become quite attached to them. He really loves it when his foster mom tells him stories!


Shane is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and an angioma of the face. He receives physical therapy at the Sanmenxia Social Welfare Centre where he learns new stretches and exercises to practice at home.


Shane loves to play. If there is an opportunity to go outside, he will go! He especially enjoys playing on the playground after school. Toy cars and blocks are his special favorite toys. Although Shane is able to play on his own, we definitely see a preference for playing with with his best buddies, Bobby and Daniel.


We hope that all three boys will one day have the opportunity to have a permanent family of their own.


We believe that foster care has helped Shane understand what a family is, and we can’t wait to see him have the opportunity to know the love of a family who will cherish him forever!

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