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Selah: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Selah was born with a heart condition that required surgery, but before she was able to have the procedure, she developed pneumonia. Selah first needed time in the hospital to take medication and to recuperate.

When she was stronger, she then had heart surgery and she recovered well. At the beginning of May, little Selah joined our Anhui Healing Home weighing just under ten pounds.

Selah loves to be cuddled! She is alert and likes to look at what is happening in her surroundings.

Now, Selah is getting to an age where she is more active and is interested in the activities going on in AHH. As she grows, she will continue to become more mobile, thanks to her successful heart surgery.

Selah has settled in at AHH quite nicely. This beautiful little girl has a great appetite and has been eating well so she can put on weight and grow stronger. The nannies at AHH have been lovingly feeding her and giving her lots of time for snuggles.

Selah will continue to benefit from the support she receives at Anhui Healing Home. The close attention gives her the precious time to feel loved and cared for while she is there.

Won’t you consider becoming a part of Selah’s team? She is in need of sponsors who will help her get the care that she needs. Sponsorships are $50 per month, or $25 for a shared sponsorship.

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