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Selena: Our First Medical Case In India

As part of our expansion to help children around the globe, LWB is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with the international NGO Khusi Hona. We would like to introduce the first child we are helping medically in India:  Selena.

Selena’s parents both work as manual laborers. When she was two years old, Selena had a boil on her foot. The boil became severely infected and damaged the tendons in her foot, causing it to contract.

Selena’s foot has caused her to be seen differently by some of the local children, but she remains positive and focused on her school work. She will receive treatment to correct and repair her tendons so her foot returns to its normal position.  This treatment plan will allow Selena to walk correctly on her foot rather than her heel and to run and play with her friends without pain and long-term damage.

Selena is very happy-go-lucky and appears to be is a favorite in the village. Everyone has been asking our project manager how she was doing and when she would be home again.  She is also a great student, and her teacher has promised to bring her all of her schoolwork so she won’t fall behind.

Approximately $1,550 is needed for Selena’s treatment. Please consider partnering with us to help this wonderful girl!

LWB believes fully that “Every Child Counts,” and so in China, Uganda, Cambodia, and now India, we will continue to work every single day to bring hope and healing to Selena and some of the most vulnerable children on earth.

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