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Serena: Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

It is always a joy to welcome a baby or toddler from one of LWB’s healing homes into our foster care program and to have the opportunity of watching them thrive in their new family environment.


While at our Henan Healing Home, Serena had her cleft lip repaired.

12-0926 Ella and Serena before discharge cropped

Two years ago Serena, along with her little friend Ella, were moved from the healing home into a loving foster family.

Serena FC Shanxi28_2

With lots of attention, holding, and eye contact, especially during feedings, Serena soon learned to imitate her fun foster parents and to build trust. Both foster mom and dad are very involved in Serena’s upbringing, and she is learning by example – learning to share and to be silly, to try new things, and to be proud of her accomplishments.

SerenaCoratrikeSerena and friends from Changzhi foster care

Serena, like all our other children in foster care, is learning important life skills and values, including love and compassion, which she embraces and uses in her interactions with others.

Serena FC Shanxi8

We are so grateful to our Changzhi foster care families for doing such a wonderful job with the children in their care!


Today she is an active, curious, and fun-loving little girl. Serena has come a long way from the tiny baby that her foster parents held two years ago!

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