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Going the Extra “Yard” for Children in China

Seven enterprising girls in Georgia took the fun of a lemonade stand, added caramel apples and cookies, and turned it into a successful fundraiser to help children in China.

They also got their moms in on the act. The moms of the FCC (Families with Chinese Children) of North Georgia organized a two-day yard sale on what looked at first to be a rainy weekend in August. Fortunately, the sun shone on them the second day, and the group netted over $1000! These funds will be donated to LWB’s Heartbridge Pediatric Unit in Beijing, a facility which provides 18 beds for medically fragile children who need extra care while awaiting surgery.

Carina Morton, who organized the yard sale, says that her daughter Jayme has a special place in her heart for LWB and the children of China and was thrilled to think of the money she and her friends made at the lemonade stand going to babies in need. She also can’t say enough good things about her local FCC group; without their help, the yard sale would not have happened. “Our FCC North Georgia group is awesome. There are so many giving hearts!” she says.

We know that the children of Heartbridge will benefit tremendously from their generous donation. Kudos to our young friends in Georgia and the moms of FCC of North Georgia for reaching out to help children in need a half a world away!

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