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Shantou SWI Physical Therapy Training

A few months ago LWB’s Orphanage Assistance Program began working with the Shantou SWI to set up a special physical therapy training for the workers at the orphanage. A teacher from Hong Kong came to the orphanage to conduct this training for the orphanage staff. The staff reported that they learned a lot and felt the things learned would be helpful to the children for whom they care.

Physical therapy training

The staff was instructed in several hands-on approaches, including massage, speech therapy, and games to help the children. In the past they had been taught about PT skills separately and often on only a theoretical level. The teacher asked, “Does a baby learn to cry first, or shake its hands first, or shake its legs first?” Of course babies learn all these things at the same time. Likewise, the teacher asserted, PT skills should be taught to the children in conjunction with multiple skills at the same time, rather than on an isolated basis.

Physical therapy training

The orphanage plans to use the skills learned to help the current children, as well as future children, improve so they will have a better chance for adoption. The orphanage would like to express their appreciation for the training. We also join in expressing our gratitude to our supporters who made this training possible.

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