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Share the Love With Shayla This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to give back to a little girl whose parents who have devoted their lives to caring for orphaned children in China.

Shayla’s parents both worked tirelessly for the House of Love, an incredible residential care facility on the grounds of the Guilin orphanage¬†in Guangxi. House of Love provided medical treatment and emotional support to children with special needs, especially cerebral palsy.¬†Her father was one of the founders of the House of Love, and her mother was a nanny, giving tender care to babies both before and after surgeries. Over the years, Shayla’s parents helped so many children with both physical and emotional needs and now find themselves in the heartbreaking position of not being able to help their own daughter medically.

Shayla was born with a very complex medical condition which has led to severe hydronephrosis (swelling of the kidneys). Her parents are desperate to see their little girl healthy and have taken her to doctors around China to seek treatment, only to learn that Shayla’s medical needs cannot be treated on the mainland.

Thankfully, a wonderful hospital in Hong Kong which specializes in this type of issue can help Shayla, but the cost is well beyond her parents’ ability to pay. The surgeon in Hong Kong has told them that Shayla needs an operation within the next three months to prevent her kidneys from failing. Time is running out for them to come up with the required funding.

It is our sincerest hope that we can rally behind this family who has given so generously to change the lives of orphaned children. Together we can show them that we believe their daughter’s life is so important.

Gifts of any amount are truly appreciated, as each one will bring us one step closer to little Shayla getting the medical care she desperately needs. In honor of your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, won’t you consider making a donation to help Shayla get her kidney treatment? Gifts can be made on the Giving Grid, and you can add your name or your loved ones’ names to the Wall of Love.

Please Share the Love this Valentine’s Day and donate for little Shayla!

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