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Shayla: A Ray of Sunshine!


Sweet Shayla is described as adorable, happy, lovely and loving in reports stretching back to 2012. That was when she first came into LWB care diagnosed with a cranial meningocele.


After successful surgery on her meningocele, Shayla moved into our Heartbridge Healing Home to recover where she thrived. Five months later, she graduated and ever since has been living with a nurturing foster care family in Guiyang.

Shayla and foster mom

Now three, Shayla is making great steps forward both literally and figuratively. With the support and encouragement of her foster parents, she has mastered walking this past twelve months and is now able to trot for a short distance, dance and enjoy movement, proudly showing our manager her progress each visit. Her equally proud family tries to capture her progress and special moments on camera.


Our manager noted in her most recent report that she used to be “shy and nervous… and couldn’t stand without help… but now she [is] an active, passionate, happy girl [who] laughs a lot.”


Shayla is a ray of sunshine in her foster family. In addition, recent months have seen her language development progress wonderfully, much to the joy of her foster family. This has added to her sense of well being and has enabled her to communicate more effectively.

This little girl is loved by many!  We are overjoyed knowing that Shayla will be adopted sometime this year. She will undoubtedly bring joy — and much sunshine — to her new family.

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