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She Knows Love


Our daughter Megan has been home for nearly four months now. You may remember her as LWB’s “Rachel”, and many of you have known her for years because you have served as her faithful team of sponsors for LWB’s foster care and education programs.


We first heard about Megan through a blog on LWBCommunity (“Rachel, Ready and Waiting for a Family“). Nearly two years had passed since our first adoption from China, and we were contemplating adopting again. When we both read the post about “Rachel”, we thought she sounded like a great fit for our large and active family.


Here we are over a year later, and I get to tuck her in each night with stories, songs, prayers, and kisses.


Megan is so bright. She has a nearly photographic memory and thrives academically. I can’t pull anything past her – if I’ve said it or she has seen it, she will surely remember it. We came home from China on August 7th, and Megan started first grade exactly two weeks later. I was nervous and scared for her because she lacked any conversational, reading, and writing English skills.

Thankfully, Megan absolutely loves school and looks forward to it every day. Each night she lists off what her special classes are the next morning – Art, PE, Music, or Library — and will be quick to tell me what her brothers’ specials are for the next day as well. We have an agreement that she can pick one day per week to eat school lunch, and she carefully reads the menu and circles the day of the week she chose to partake. Then she will remind me frequently so that I don’t mistakenly make her a home lunch.

Clearly, she has excelled at learning English!  These were the comments on her first report card:


Megan was born with a left leg and foot limb difference. Her official diagnosis is Postaxial Hypoplasia, and her medical exams since we’ve been home have brought a few surprises and future uncertainties.

However, several things are certain. This girl lives life at 150 percent. No matter what happens with her medically, we are now sure that nothing will slow her down. We live in a ski town and were so thrilled with her first day ever on skis. She did so well, and we had never seen a more enthusiastic learner.


Some of the credit for Megan’s obvious confidence and enthusiasm is due to Megan’s team of LWB sponsors who supported her living with her loving foster parents and funding tuition for her early education. She was fortunate to be plucked out of institutional care before her first birthday. Her foster family showered her with love and excellent care for over five years, and they weathered the storm when Megan’s first adoption was unexpectedly disrupted.


Although we are still peeling back the layers and are getting to know each other day-by-day, we can see that Megan knows what love is.


Megan already knew how to live in a family structure, and despite all she has been through in her nearly seven years, she has opened her heart to us as her new family. I think we would see a different picture if not for the intervention she received from LWB.


On behalf of Megan, please accept our heartfelt gratitude.

~Laurie Sweeney, Coordinator of LWB’s Anhui Healing Home

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  • Marilyn Layfield says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Megan (Rachel). We were a part of the sponsorship team for her and really appreciated the pictures and news of how she’s doing.