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Shop ‘Til You Drop to Help Emily, Samuel and Many Others!

The 7th Annual Love Without Boundaries “Born in My Heart” Art Auction starts on eBay today (April 22) and runs through April 27. We have over 350 INCREDIBLE items to auction this year, with every penny going to fund surgeries and medical treatment for Chinese orphans. This year we have many beautiful original paintings and prints, porcelain sculptures, a gorgeous array of quilts, calligraphy, scrapbooking pages, amazing photography, embroidery, gift baskets, jewelry, clothing, heritage items (including a reproduction of a terra cotta warrior) and so much more. We even have tickets to the Metropolitan Opera in New York as well as Yankees baseball tickets!

But let’s shift the focus away from the beautiful stuff. This event is really about children like Emily, who is new to LWB and little Samuel, who is one of our “seasoned veterans.” Little Emily, who is from the Li Cheng orphanage in Fujian, is just seven weeks old. She was born with a condition called “bladder exstrophy,” meaning her bladder is on the outside of her body. We learned about Emily just last week, and she is to be moved to Heartbridge as soon as we can get train tickets for Emily and her nanny. At Heartbridge, Emily will receive the nurturing and specialized medical care she needs to gain enough weight and strength to safely have surgery.

Thankfully we have a little experience with bladder exstrophy: Samuel, also a resident of Heartbridge, had his surgery for the same problem last March with the wonderful surgeons of MedArt in Hong Kong. He is now a very active boy who charms the socks off everyone he meets and gets into everything. With your help, Emily can have a second chance just like Samuel and by this time next year will be taking her first steps and getting into as much mischief as Samuel!

So please – for Emily and Samuel and others like them – join us at this year’s auction. You will be able to reach our auction on eBay through the big red button on the homepage of the main LWB website or directly at our regular LWB Store on eBay. Bidding begins Thursday, April 22, at 11 a.m. EST/8 a.m. PST and will be closing throughout the day on Tuesday, April 27.

Also, you can take it a step further and play a part in healing these children by helping us spread the word about the auction. We would be grateful if you could share information about the auction on your personal or family website or blog, your smaller adoption Yahoo! Groups, or Facebook or Twitter. Help us make this year’s auction the best ever!

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