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Shunyi Foster Care Visit

Visiting the foster families was the highlight of my trip–aside from adopting my son! Each family we visited was so excited to show off their children. The foster families were so warm and welcoming. It was clear that they enjoyed having the children in their homes. It was so apparent that these kids brightened up each home and family that they were with. You could see the light and purpose shining in the eyes of the foster parents as they told of any new milestones the children had made that month. The joy and life that the children exuded was contagious!

One of the foster mom’s had her kids scrubbed and pretty–they had bows in their hair and their best clothes on. The house was spotless and the foster mom had a huge smile on her face the whole time we visited. Her mother’s heart shone through as she demonstrated to her children how to share the stickers that we had brought. She beamed with joy and pride as she told us what they liked to do, to eat…what they had learned that month.

Then there were the sweet children, some of whom cried when I came near. The older girls were more willing to play with me–especially when they saw that I had presents! One of them plastered herself with the stickers I had brought and then began covering her stuffed Pooh bear with them. There were several of the children who allowed me to hold them, much to my delight.

I sponsor one of the baby girls, and she cuddled with me until I had to reluctantly put her down to go visit the next family. My twelve year old son accompanied me and had a blast playing toy cars with several of the little boys we visited.

It is obvious that the children are benefiting so much from the opportunity to be in a family. After visiting the families, I’m not sure who is benefiting the most–the parents or the children! The parents have rays of sunshine dropped into their homes by way of these precious kids.

Shunyi Foster Care Visit by Karin Prunty – December 2006

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