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Simone: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

An otherwise ordinary evening in late September was disrupted by the shrieking cry of an infant, clearly just days old. As soon as the orphanage staff laid eyes on her, they realized that this baby girl’s cry was not for a bottle or a diaper change, but due to her very bloated belly that indicated a painful intestinal blockage. Luckily it only took one phone call to Love Without Boundaries, and she was on her way to the hospital to receive the emergency care that she so desperately needed. 


Thanks to many generous donors who understand that this type of phone call is not unusual, the emergency funding was available to offer this darling little girl, now called Simone, the intervention that, sadly, her birth parents could not provide for her.

A skilled surgeon removed the damaged portion of her intestine that threatened Simone’s life. While she spent nearly two weeks in the hospital recovering, Simone often protested for more formula when she emptied her bottle, as if making up for lost time. She is one determined girl!


Thanks to her fighting spirit and the generous donors who funded her emergency care, Simone has been discharged from the hospital and moved to LWB’s Anhui Healing Home. Her loving nannies are carefully feeding her, caring for her post-op incision, and helping her develop that crucial, loving attachment ability until she is fully healed and her forever family can finish the job.


Simone is in need of additional sponsors to support her journey at the Anhui Healing Home. Your sponsorship of $50 per month, or shared sponsorship of $25 per month, will provide you monthly updates and photos on Simone’s progress, while you give her the gift of hope as her future unfolds.

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