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Singing Their Praises

Time really flies! The first school term has ended at our Believe in Me school – Kabale, run in partnership with Childcare Uganda, and this past week, some of the children received awards. We feel a bit like proud parents, so please allow us to sing the praises of some of these wonderful kids.

Little Randi won an award for being one of the smartest in school. Randi, who is nearly four years old, is one of the orphaned children in the village. Besides being smart, she is sweet as sweet can be!

Five-year old-Danielle won an award for being one of the happiest children each day at school. Danielle is extremely quiet but is always full of smiles for anyone who catches her eye.

Daniel, who is seven years old, won an award for energy and exuberance. When we visited his village last August, we were impressed with his constant grin and sense of adventure. When we took the children on a field trip to a lake, Daniel was one of the first children to jump in the boat.

Last but not least is wonderful Thomas. Thomas is orphaned and was living on his own in an unsafe area in a situation fit for no child. We were thrilled to help get him a spot in a boarding school so that he could have a safe place to live and learn. When we met Thomas in August, we found him to be a kind and respectful boy who always looks out for the younger children around him. Despite having never heard English until he began in the school this fall, Thomas is adjusting well and making friends. His teachers tell us that they think he will continue to improve next year and climb in the class ranks as he learns English better. Congratulations to Thomas for working so hard and making us very proud!

Just like proud parents, we can’t wait to see what these children will accomplish with support…not to mention a brand new school with a solid roof, real floor, and actual DESKS.

Coming soon….stay tuned!

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