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Sisters Sonia, Selena, and Sienna

Meet sisters Sonia, Sienna, and Selena! They are new to our Cambodia Foster Care Program.

Sonia, age 7, is the oldest of the three sisters.

The middle sister, Sienna, is just one year younger than Sonia.

Selena, age 3, is the youngest of the three girls.

The sisters’ new foster mom has one other child at home, so now her home is full of kids! She must be one busy mom.

Along with the love of a family, the sisters will also be able to attend our Believe in Me schools to receive an education. We want to give them the opportunity to feel safe and loved, and to DREAM  BIG!

Generous sponsors who support foster care allow us to accept sibling groups like Sonia, Sienna, and Selena so that the girls can remain bonded and support each other as they grow. Please consider sponsoring one of these sweet sisters in foster care to be a part of their new beginning.

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