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Sleeping Rocky: An Unfinished Tale for a Special Little Boy

Once, in a not so distant land, lived a young prince. Even though he lived surrounded by friends, the prince did not smile very much. However there were two things that he was waiting for that could make him smile. He waited for a chance to learn in school, and he waited for a family that would be his forever.

One day, visitors arrived. They were taking photos of all of his friends with such excitement that the prince was immediately shy. In fact, he was so shy that whenever one of the visitors looked his way, he would pretend to be ASLEEP. He didn’t want to be disappointed if the visitors weren’t there to help bring him those two big wishes.

But the visitors from Love Without Boundaries did notice the prince. They would sneak peeks at the prince to catch him carefully looking out of the corner of his eyes watching them, wondering why they were there. They were so delighted at the prince’s cleverness and air of strength that they named him “Rocky.”

Rocky soon received his first wish. The visitors opened a Believe In Me school in Rocky’s land and enrolled him. Rocky enjoyed school. His teachers even gave him a walker so that he could walk around like his friends. True to Rocky’s personality, the walker was different. He much preferred to scoot around in his favorite toy car! Rocky’s teachers quickly taught him that the walker was for the classroom and the car was for the playground. In school, Rocky blossomed into a social, smiling boy.

The visitors came back again and again to see how Rocky and his friends were doing in school. By then, Rocky was showing how much he loved art projects in school but saved his smiles for those who knew him best. Finally, one of the visitors that had been following Rocky’s progress for over a year picked him up for a hug and Rocky squealed with delight, tickling and playing with the visitor who was now an honorary ai yi.

Now, dear reader, the rest of this story waits to be written. Rocky received his first wish and has been going to school. He has blossomed into a sweet, funny, smiling little boy. In fact, he has blossomed SO much that his orphanage has submitted his paperwork and placed him on the shared waiting list in hopes that Rocky’s family will see him and bring him home. Please help Love Without Boundaries tell Rocky’s story far and wide so that this very special young boy can receive his second wish and give this tale a happy ending.

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  • Jamie Simons says:

    What has happened to Rocky? How old is he? Where does one get more information about him? How does Love Without Borders work?

    Thank you.

    Jamie Simons

    (We have a 7-year-old girl adopted from China and are open to adopting an older child, boy or girl, if the government will let us. (We’re over the age limit).