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Small Victories

Sweet Plum came to True Children’s Healing Home in May 2011, at two months old. We all hoped that with one-on-one care, Plum would gain weight and in a few months have her cleft lip surgery, just the way so many of our other residents had. Then the miraculous transformation would begin and we would see her blossom. However, this was not to be: Plum has struggled through every step of her journey.

Respiratory problems prevented her from having her cleft lip surgery for nearly a year. There were many visits from the doctor, several trips to the hospital and many, many hours in the arms of a patient nanny while Plum struggled to heal from her lung infections. Plum still couldn’t sit without support, couldn’t hold toys very well, and couldn’t roll over by herself. Despite all the efforts to help her, Plum’s tiny body couldn’t grow and develop because she was working so hard at healing.

Finally, in February 2012, Plum’s lungs were clear and she was approved for surgery! Cleft lip surgery is difficult for all babies. Not only is it a painful procedure, but eating becomes even more difficult for a short time while the lip is healing. It’s possible that Plum’s body was so used to struggling, that she actually recovered more quickly than most babies. She continued to gain weight and she became more active.

Today, Plum is 15 months old and she continues to be developmentally behind her peers at TCHH. But each week, Plum has another victory. She can now scoot around the playroom in a walking chair all by herself. She now answers to her name. She is working hard at tummy time and raising her head to see everything around her. This month, we were so happy to see her holding a ball all by herself and getting a turn on the very popular TCHH rocking horse! No one knows what the future holds for Plum. But then, do any of us really know what the future holds? We do know that TCHH is a great place for Plum to keep growing and developing at her pace and we are so happy to be a part of her story.

Plum is still in need of monthly sponsors for her extended stay at TCHH.   For just $50 (or $25 a month for a shared sponsorship), you can also be a part of her story and help her to achieve one small victory after another!

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